Bad Feminist Party

7 March - Melkweg, Amsterdam
22:00 - € 7,50 - Free for members

Delve into the fearless minds of all the Bad Feminist’s out there, or is it so that there is no such thing as a Bad Feminist? In collaboration with Melkweg, Bad Feminist Party presented by Melkweg Expo and PissWife. Applauding femme talent DRKNGHTS COLLECTIVE will take you on their journey of collective awareness through experimental funk, bewitchingly beats alongside DJ Nena and Pisswife’s own Robin Jay. Questions Collective demonstrates that power posing yoga exercises can be useful for many different things. For instance, claiming space and collective working approaches. Who would have known?

Before the party, Roxane Gay, a pioneering author of The New York Times best-selling book Bad Feminist (2014), will review her inner thoughts, conflicts, and nuisances in her naturally spot-on manner.


DJ Nena