A2B2 Bounty

A2B2 & Subbacultcha Bounty

A2B2 started as Andy Morin’s chat handle back in 1992. A personal token to the musician and engineer, which he wielded as a place to vent, tease, experiment and, at some point, invite people into. A relic that’s preserved, worn, and recycled into a social medium, and then, into a community, both on-and offline. Now, A2B2 allows members of that community to mine and drill through its fundaments, molding a multi-story cavern that blooms with vigor, glitches, mold and rays of light. 

A2B2 often run bounties on their website. These bounties are temporary moments where people can submit their art, based on a prompt. A2B2 was so kind to run a bounty for this issue of Sprout, prompting ‘Temper’ on A2B2.org. Have a look at a handful of the submissions. These entries are published in Issue 9 of our publication ‘Sprout‘.

“She hasn’t any left” by Lauteur

“Temper in the garden of…” by RubenLara

“Boiling Point” by menebiosis

“Mudbone” by M3M8

“No Control” by Palmeri