Point of View

Electroacoustic Improvisation Orchestra

Text by Hana Nina Hussein
Photography and layout by Sam Morsink

For this year’s Minimal Music Festival guest curator and scenographer Theun Mosk will remodel the concrete and wood of the Muziekgebouw into a ‘space/time score’. A guide, armed only with a flashlight, will help visitors through the corridors of the Muziekgebouw, that are decorated solely with darkness.

On the night that passes from the 3rd until the 4th of July, Electroacoustic Improvisation Orchestra (EAIO) will improvise for three hours in the belfry of the Muziekgebouw: The Bimhuis. The ensemble recorded their debut record in our project space; the s105. Over the last few months EAIO has set up home, dwelled and rehearsed in the s105 every other week reticently. As we’ve observed EAIO get born, grown and stumble right before our own eyes and ears, we wanted to introduce you to them.

We asked Hana Nina Hussein – who we hold dear to our hearts and who visited the inaugural improvisation session back in March – to share her free-form interpretation of the project. Sam Morsink – who we hold just as dearly and who handles the majority of imagery for EAIO – helped Hana to make her story visual.

Electroacoustic Improvisation Orchestra plays live at Minimal Music Festival at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ on the 3rd and 4th July. Purchase a ticket for one of the two times lots here.