Subbacultcha Collectibles

Collectible: Pien Kars

We are happy to announce Collectible #19 by Pien Kars, in reaction to ‘Sisyphus’ by Fallon Does.

“Inspired by Fallon’s nature scene and the form of the flowers I created this little shrine to honor femininity and sexuality. A physical place to honor and remind you of the fact that a woman is holy.”

“There ones was an age which was led by the honoring of the female and where a wholeness of being between the one and the cosmos could be found. It wasn’t until the shift in the stars that this form of living and the honoring of the feminine changed. In this era the Gods shifted to the sky, and the earth, the feminine, became sinful. The lunar era had to make place for the solar era. The earthly was taken over by fire, the feminine by the masculine. By bringing symbolism and objects like this altar into our daily life I am trying to find a way to give Feminine Power a new place within our patriarchal society.”

“Love Dome” by Pien Kars: