Subbacultcha Collectibles

Collectible: Feline Hjermind

For Subbacultcha Collectibles every week an artist will create, in response to the artists that preceded. Creating a chain of art. For you to see, listen and feel.

All members will receive new art every week, delivered to their inbox or doorstep. Some work will be digital, some will be physical. Videos, sounds, music, photographs, prints. All Subbacultcha members can access the online collection here. Please use the e-mail you’ve signed up with as a member to log in.

The fifteenth link in the chain is a video work by Feline Hjermind in response to Janneke van der Putten. Watch the full video of “So light of foot” in the online collection!

“I was immediately attracted by the gorgeous rawness Janneke van der Putten shows in her work. My piece “So light of foot” applies a similarly gritty image language. It is a dumb and spunky little video that celebrates surveillance as a pornographic practise.”