We’re Not Done Yet.

We’re learning to recognize our privileges, flaws and responsibilities. We stand in solidarity with those who fight against systemic oppression. We are researching ways to create and amplify more diversity in our community, structurally, and use our position in a more substantial and helpful manner, structurally. In doing so, we would like to use our platform to shine some extra light on a handful of initiatives doing this already.

Please consider signing petitions, donating and making use of resources to educate yourself and others via the links below. Thanks to all creating and running these initiatives. 


Control Alt Delete is committed to fighting against ethnic profiling and for fair and effective police controls. They do so by organising meetings, producing films, hosting workshops, offering lectures, writing blogs, and voicing different perspectives on policy change and the assist of victims. The fight is badly needed.

CTRL ALT DEL are an independent platform without structural funding. All support is therefore badly needed. Please consider donating + signing their petitions.

You can make a donation to:


IBAN: NL97 ABNA 0461 8483 09

Plan International #FreeToBeOnline

Online violence follows girls around long after they disconnect. It leaves them feeling physically unsafe and it impacts their self-esteem. Girls have a right to speak up online, but harassment and abuse is silencing their voices. They face threats of physical abuse, racial abuse, body shaming and sexual harassment. Girls around the world have written an open letter to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter calling on them to take urgent action. They want ways to report abuse and harassment that really work for girls. Sign their open letter here to amplify their voices. Plan International are asking for stronger reporting mechanisms for violence that meet their needs and hold perpetrators to account. Please read and/or donate here.

Justice at Spotify

The Union Of Musicians has launched a campaign against Spotify. “Justify At Spotify presses for various changes within the streaming giant’s payment model. Spotify is the most dominant platform on the music streaming market. The company behind the streaming platform continues to accrue value, yet music workers everywhere see little more than pennies in compensation for the work they make.”

“With the entire live music ecosystem in jeopardy due to the coronavirus pandemic, music workers are more reliant on streaming income than ever. We are calling on Spotify to deliver increased royalty payments, transparency in their practices and to stop fighting artists.”

Find the full list of demands here. And sign here.

Project Fearless

Project Fearless is a space for any girl in Amsterdam aged 9-14 to get hands-on, break stereotypes, find her voice and create an impact. To enable more girls to get to the top of any ladder they wish to climb. Project Fearless want to equip girls with the tools to succeed in any aspect of their lives by plugging the gap currently left by society. By enabling girls to define how they see themselves from scratch, we will, in turn, rewrite how the world views girls in general.

Project Fearless is building our skate gear closet so they can expand our programming and outreach. A donation of any size will help them to buy the right equipment, ensuring that all girls have access to their programs and feel included at the park. Please support here.