We’re not done yet.

We’re not done yet.

In the past few weeks, more than ever, we’re learning to recognize our privileges, flaws and responsibilities. We stand in solidarity with those who fight against systemic oppression. We are researching ways to create and amplify more diversity in our community, structurally, and use our position in a more substantial and helpful manner, structurally. We would like to use our platform to shine some extra light on a handful of initiatives doing this already.

Please keep on signing petitions, donate and make use of resources to educate yourself and others via the links shared earlier and the ones below. Thanks to everyone creating and running these initiatives. 

Aid for Beirut

AID for Beirut is a list of small to medium-sized aid organisations and support initiatives. The list is easy accessible / shareable due to the use of QR codes. “Including organisations/ initiatives working with migrant and refugee communities in Lebanon, LGBT+ communities, kids and the elderly, as well as environmental initiatives (waste recycling), school fees support, educational support, mental health support, art and culture funds, engineering/house reconstruction services, amongst others.” 

This is Lebanon

This Is Lebanon (TIL) started as an initiative to give a voice to domestic workers in Lebanon. TIL is a project run by a coalition of former migrant workers and activists demanding the protection of migrant domestic workers, and an end to labour exploitation and abuse, with the aim to effectively end government-sanctioned, modern-day slavery in Lebanon. Aiming to empower, inform, raise awareness and support via campaigning and advocating through national and international media. TIL also provides legal and medical referrals, as well as emergency protective support.

TIL’s Facebook page is now the ‘hotline’ for abused domestic workers who have no one else to turn to. More info on TIL’s cause here.

How can you help?

  1. Follow This is Lebanon
  2. Become a volunteer
  3. Donate



“In Belarus, massive peaceful protests demanding fair elections and change are being met with extreme police violence. Hundreds of people have sustained injuries, thousands have been arrested. But people continue to show their solidarity and peacefully protest against state violence. We need international attention and support”. #highlightbelarus is an independent day-to-day news update about Belarus on Instagram. All images can be downloaded in a Google Drive as well, so you can share the information along with #highlightbelarus.


What to do if you’re not in Belarus but you want to help:

Where to contact the NL government to plead for the condemnation of the Lukashenko government and the recent fraudulent Belarussian elections.

Ministerie van Algemene Zaken
Binnenhof 19
Postbus 20001
2500 EA Den Haag


How to write a letter of complaint?
[insert government office name or exact name if e-mailing a direct person]

I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction with this Government’s foreign policy towards the Government of Belarus lead by Alexander Lukashenko. If we truly stand by our liberal democratic institutions, then I must plead with you to condemn the government of Lukashenko and its systemic suppression of free speech and democratic values. The people of Belarus deserve better.

Thank you for your time,
[optionally: your name] 

For other countries, more info here.