Fokke de Wit Services

Our long-time friend and loyal collaborator Fokke de Wit wants to offer his support to the music community, encourage creation and form connection through music. Fokke will lend his skills to help musicians and producers who are in need of help with mixing and mastering in these times of difficulty.

Whether you just started making music, or you’ve been sleeping on some tunes for a while now, Fokke’s hopes to help people to take their tracks a step further and to offer them new experiences. So, are you stuck in funk? Eager for those next steps? Shoot him a message with your work.

You might know Fokke from Global Charming and Meetsysteem. When he isn’t gracing the stage or doing mixing work for Karel, Yuko Yuko, TV Wonder, among others, he’s working in Schenk Studio.

Let’s work on some music together. Get in touch by sending an email to