Subbacultcha Collectibles

Collectible #11: David Numwami

Collectible #11. This batch is gonna be a little different than what we and you have been used to. All participating artists were asked to create a work, in reaction to one and the same theme. The theme of the upcoming four collectibles is METAL. The theme finds it origin in sub-themes of rigidity, distortion, high density in texture and (transcendence of) tradition. Pushing things to the utmost extreme, and perhaps even further.

The third instalment for METAL is created by songwriter/composer/producer David Numwami, who morphed his latest single Le Fisc de L’Amour into a print, featuring an introduction of himself + the lyrics of his love song in French and English. Oh, and can you spot David’s touch of the theme? All members will receive a free print of David in your mailbox mid-July!

Subbacultcha Collectibles is a series where we release a weekly dose of exclusive art made by our creative community, that’ll be delivered to the doorstep of Subbacultcha members. Whether it’s a photo print, an unique publication, a set of postcards or a personal artist letter, every Friday we launch an item created by an artist from the Subbacultcha network and at the end of the month we deliver them to your doorstep, for free. We will connect at home, through art.

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