Documenting you and me in times of change.

What day is it today? Am I eating breakfast, lunch or dinner? Or did everything turn into a snack? Time seems to move different these days. Does it creep by slower or faster than it did before? Is it moving more fragmented or continuously? One thing is for sure; time is changing because times are changing.

We want to create visual documentation of life during quarantine, through the eyes of our community. We are compressing 24 days into 24 hours. So we ask you to capture your time in a photograph.

24 days, 24 photos, on sequential hours. Documenting you and me in times of change.

Every singular photo is part of a bigger picture. Every state of consciousness is part of a pattern, or rather a cyclus. To properly capture that, we are disintegrating the astronomical day. You know, like an accordion. Or like a camera with an extended shutter speed. Or like a car crash in slow motion, watching the airbags slowly submerge from the dashboard. Capture and observe it, slowly.

You can submit by either posting the photos on Instagram and tagging @subbacultchaaaa + using #SubbacultchaMOMENTUM or by sending the photos to! Wanna be involved? Get the MOMENTUM schedule here.

Life during quarantine through the eyes of our community: