MUBI Film Focus

With the bulk of our time spent indoors for the foreseeable future, we thought you could all enjoy a little present. Subbacultcha members get three months of MUBI membership, entirely for free. Active your MUBI membership here! Not a Subbacultcha member yet? Sign up here.

If you’re unfamiliar with MUBI yet, knows the time to get cozy. MUBI selects a new film everyday and you have all month to watch it. You do the math; there’ll always be 30 different flicks to choose from. Cult classics and modern masterpieces. No need to ask “where to start?”, since we’ll guide you through some of the movies we enjoyed below. No spoilers ;).

The Grand Bizarre

A mind-bending 16mm journey, or rather psychedelic trip, through the global textile industry by Jodie Mack. The Grand Bizarre aptly displays the intricacy and complexity of textile industry and mass production. Overwhelming and mind-bending.

The Border Fence

A non-fiction movie by Nikolaus Geyrhalter telling the story of migration at Passo del Brennero, depicting the vacuum in between EU policies and reality. Geyrhalter has nuanced conversations with police officers, farmers, toll chargers and local café owners, captured, all wrapped in a visually stunning and highly detailed package.

Triple Bill: Jean Bierre Melville

MUBI presents not one, not two, but three masterpieces from French film noir filmmaker Jean Bierre Melville. Le Silence De Le Mer, When You Read This Letter and Two Men in Manhattan. Resistance in times of war, love triangles, smokey jazz bars and New York street lit by neon signs.

Wind from the East

A Marxist western by Dziga Vertov Group, consisting of Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin and Gérard Martin. Propoganda voice-over, fourth-wall breaking and dismanteling sound from image. There isn’t much more to say. Watch it.