Get Published: L.A.N.

Dear friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend,

Wanna get published in the latest edition of our magazine? We’re sending out a call to our Local Area Network (L.A.N.). L.A.N. should always be about cherishing, as well as nurturing emerging local artists, so we’re asking you to create or share a work inspired by your Local Area Network and send it to us.

What to make, what to send? Heart-wrenching poems for your (ex) lover, analogue photo’s taken of your soccer team, drawings on tree leaves depicting the love for your family, glitch art by you and all of your siblings, stock image manipulation? You name it.

To refresh your minds: L.A.N. started out in 2015 by Subbacultcha with the sole intention to support local musicians, artists producers, DJs, labels, venues, friends and followers alike. With several workshops, release parties, showcases, publications, gallery exhibitions and annual L.A.N. Parties we tried to map out our local area network and encourage discovery and support within it.

That’s enough talk. With those words ringing in your ears, submit your work by sending an email to with “Get Published” in the subject line. Deadline: Wednesday 4 March. And never forget: Support Your Local Area Network. Let’s make this the embodiment of an escalated multi-media netwerk borrel.