Subbacultcha x Wham! Wham! Day Party

This weekend, we’re invading Groningen. A party at night with our friends of OOST and one during the day in collab with the lovely people of Wham! Wham! Records at our Northern condo, SIGN gallery. This annual getaway soon grew to be rather infamous. Thinking back to the mesmerizing art dressing up the walls of the SIGN. Thinking back Dinamarca, Tommy Cash, First Hate, The Homesick and Yuko Yuko shutting down the Saturday afternoon. Thinking back to free beer until the jugs were empty. Given those recollections and since it’s the 10th year we’re doing this, we would like to have a toast for all the artists joining us in celebration this Saturday. A toast to…

… Partners making you feel like you’re part of a cult while dancing the night away. Photo shot by Partners

… post-ironic psycho-rock of the seven-headed Latin Lovers. Photo shot by Noa Alinoë.

… tender soft-rock and dreamy psychedelics as relics of John Moods’ lonesome travels. (Also; for the ones staying at home.)

… the mysterious Rouzbeh sharing sketches of synth-magic on his SoundcloudPhoto by Rouzbeh. 

… sound collage and musique concréte by Rotterdam experimentalist Red Brut. Photo shot by Albert Elm.

… having Groningen’s own Real Farmer shake their hometown. Photo shot by Bob de Vries.