Interview by Callum McLean
Photography Tiny Geeroms

If we go down to the woods today, we’re sure of a big surprise —  what do you have in store for your audience at the Bossa Nova stage?

High intense energy that makes you wanna slap somebody or hug a tree.

WWWhy so much WWWater in the WWWoods? Where does this aqueous stream of consciousness stem from in your lyrics?

Because humans consist out of more than 70% water. Because we are water, the woods are water, everything is water – that’s what connects us. Water is waves and everything is waves – everything is sound waves, everything is frequency. It’s an infinite stream of inspiration.

Your song ‘WWWater’ talks of cold showers.  Is your music as more of a refreshing splash of natural spring-water or a mysterious forest brook?

I think it depends on the crowd. Sometimes we can play a set that would resemble a fire hose the that will push you to the wall. And sometimes it’s just a little sprinkle. I think our music contains all sorts of streams.

You’ve headed north from your native Ghent — what have you encountered along the forest.

I mostly saw unwashed truck drivers in need of a shower. That’s about it. And when we closed the border, they got a little bigger and smellier.

Your EP is called La Falaise (‘The Cliff’) — is it more about scaling new heights or letting yourself flow down the waterfall?

Actually La Falaise means the waterfall and refers to a waterfall I visited in my home country Martinique. The strength of it inspired me to name my band WWWater. One drop of water could refresh you, some rain could annoy you, a bottle of water could quench your thirst and a waterfall could kill you. It’s an infinite source of inspiration.

The voices and sounds on your tracks flit between the organic and synthetic — are you more of a robot lost in the woods or a forest creature trying out new technology?

I think I’m more of a forest creature trying new technology. I use technology in a very primitive way. A primate would probably play better synths than I can, but sometimes exploration yields interesting results; that’s what led to the sound of WWWater.

On ‘Pink Letters’ you’re grateful for someone “licking your wounds”. There might be a few sore heads among the crowd this weekend — what’s your advice to these forest creatures for keeping each other happy and healthy?

Lick each other’s wounds and drink plenty of WWWater!

WWWater plays at this years Down the Rabbit Hole Festival on Saturday, 30 June at the Bossa Nova stage.