Nico, 1988

5x2 Tickets
Monday, 16 April
Paradiso, Amsterdam

We’ve heard innumerable stories about celebrity gone downhill, and we’ve seen once glamorous stars stare at us with wrinkly faces through the film camera. But this story is different.

On 16 April Cinemien prepremiers Nico, 1988, at Paradiso in Amsterdam, and luckily we got our hands on a couple of tickets, so some of our members can witness an event that delves much deeper into human struggles and paradoxes than your average ‘once admired and now revived celebrity’ biopic. Film, music and performance all blend for an evening of a truly compelling journey through the life of Nico – once a glorious singer-songwriter, a Warhol muse and rock-band queen of The Velvet Underground, who retired in Manchester to face her career and splendour shattered to pieces. But karma has her ways, and Nico, 1988 follows the nearly unbelievable transformation of a fallen star into a bravely shining icon, artist, woman. After the screening, Carol van Dijk and The Tambles will take you straight into the world of The Velvet Underground itself, with their live musical performance of the rock-band’s historically monumental tracks.

Are you a member? Shoot us an email at with ‘NICO’ in the subject line, and 5 of you will take home 1 pair of tickets for the screening of Nico, 1988 on Monday 16 April at Paradiso, Amsterdam. Not a member yet? Become a member now. It’s worth it, we promise:)