Gun Outfit

Enchanted by their dusky and dazed rock n roll, we’ve been keeping the Olympia-gone-L.A.-band Gun Outfit on our radar for several years now. After releasing their fifth album to date, Out of Range, last November on Paradise of Bachelors, we’re psyched to see Gun Outfit back in Amsterdam. Come join us at OT301 this Thursday, 15 February.  Just ahead of the upcoming show, singer/guitarist Carrie Keith was kind enough to put together a playlist of tracks she’s into.

1. Terry Allen – Amarillo Highway

I’m in love with everything Terry Allen. Can you imagine writing this song? That’s all, that’s it, you’re free now. 

2. J. J. Cale – Don’t Cry Sister

Relationship goals.

3. Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby

Good friends don’t come cheap, don’t take em for granted. 

4. Lindsey Buckingham – Trouble

Dylan put this on a mix tape- I will rewind and listen to it 8 times in a row driving around LA. 

5. Royal Trux – Suicide is Painless

I can’t get over this. This tune has been in my head forever.

6. The Littler – Codeine

Marie is a beautiful genius. I always come back to this version, I love the marching band snare sound. 

7. Alice Coltraine – Govinda Jai Jai


8. Ted Hawkins – Sorry You’re Sick

Sometimes I go out to the boardwalk to look for him. 

9. Cate Le Bon – Are You With Me Now

She’s killing it and the backing vocals are right on. 

Gun Outfit will play this Thursday, 15 February at OT301, Amsterdam.