das bisschen Totschlag – Hugs + Totschlag

While we’re getting ready for tomorrow’s celebration of the release of Hugs + Totschlag, das bisschen Totschlag’s second EP on Coaster Records, we’ve decided to bright up the day and make the wait a little bit less stressful with a little sneak peek of this new entry. More than just a band, this family reunion is all about today’s Digital Age and how nothing really matters. But don’t let this heavy topic weigh you down – the quartet make use of music as an instrument to let their voices be heard, connecting (virtually and IRL) with loved ones as well as new friends who share the same fears and feelings: we’re all fragile in this world, but at least we’re together. Look at the title of the EP Hugs + Totschlag. It reveals today’s struggle to unify HUGS and TOTSCHLAG (homicide or violence from German), how do we maintain relationships with the ones we don’t often see and the those who live far away from us? Don’t worry, there’s no official answer and we’re all in this together. Here’s a little appetizer ‘For You’ of what’s to come tomorrow. See you at L.A.N. Release Party: das bisschen totschlag + Steve French in our homebase s105 (De School), Amsterdam.