Premiere: Petersburg Orderer – Frigid Brigitte

Last year, the Amsterdam based Camiel Muiser launched Petersburg Orderer by releasing Proved News via SMIB WORLDWIDE. This week marks P.O.’s return with the latest and much anticipated multi-media project Frigid Brigitte. At first, it appears to be an indie EP opening up a world of soft vocals and guitars that we love, but Petersburg Orderer’s ambitious project is much more. Frigid Brigitte’s combines music, paintings, videos, installations,  merchandise and a live show.  The project emerges from the collaboration among Amsterdam creatives such as Tycho Posthumus and Bonne Reijn. Who is Brigitte exactly? Whatever the case, we’re definitely looking forward to discover it in its entirely at De School on October 27. For now, we will premiere the three tracks from the projects and some stills from the full length video. Sit back, press play, and enjoy.

Track list:
‘I’ ve Said It’
‘Frigid Brigitte’