In Your Space

Petersburg Orderer

Photos shot by Theo Warnier

What’s it like in an artist’s space? How do various artists prepare their particular work? What does their work environment hold within, and what does it mean to an artist? Curiosity is a beautiful thing, and we’re here to satisfy yours. This month we visited the studio space of Petersburg Orderer, an Amsterdam-based musician who’s been keeping busy with his Frigid Brigitte project. To celebrate its’ completion, we’re throwing a L.A.N. Release Party: Petersburg Orderer at s105 (De School, Amsterdam) on 27 October.

Full name: Camiel Muiser
Profession: Musician

Please introduce us to Petersburg Orderer?

Petersburg Orderer is a project that started around a year ago with an album, well, more as a ten song list really, with a video in association with SMIB. Later Boris de Klerk joined to perform it live for some shows. We both played guitar and brought a drum machine. While working on new live material and projects, two others joined; Guus Kaandorp on synths and drum machines and Theo Warnier playing bass.

What’s keeping you busy this week?

Working in a restaurant and finishing the artwork for Frigid Brigitte. A week before the release, three paintings representing the songs of the project will be on display. And I’ve been working on the last mixes.

What’s the story behind your space?

The place I work is called Erik’s House. It’s located in Amsterdam North. It’s a big space for recording, rehearsing, performing and cooking. Most of the songs for Frigid Brigitte I did over here, but they all first start at home.

What has your space done for Frigid Brigitte?

I guess it hasn’t done anything for it especially. I started working on an album last November. After 20/30 something songs, there were 3 that fit together and not with the album. Those 3 songs inspired the paintings, the film, that’s Frigid Brigitte.