Festival Focus

PITCH Festival 2017

PITCH Festival returns, though not without slight changes; new site, same vibes. Amsterdam’s up and coming NDSM Wharf serves as this summer’s beautiful festival location. Remember all those times you’ve had to worry about which day to go when your money’s been too low for a full package deal? Forget about that. PITCH created an amazing line-up, all in one day, shared between four stages. Still, the line-up can be a bit overwhelming with so many great acts on the bill, so we selected a few for you to get a better idea of where it’s at.

Palmbomen II x Betonkust live

We’re still in spirits over Palmbomen’s show at De School, but if you had to miss it, there’s more coming: he’ll be back with his pal Betonkust, playing a live electronic set. We’re expecting shape-shifting and radiance with shades from light to dark. Go on, check their Center Parcs EP here and lets hope Palmbomen makes sure to bring the L.A. sun to Pitch ?

Jarreau Vandal & Full Crate

Don’t you love it when powers join forces? We do! A year ago the two well-known faces decided to start a special live show together and wow; special it is. Full of remixes and edits, get to know the sound below. You know when sometimes in life you meet someone and the synergy just works instantly? Jarreau Vandal & Full Crate know!

Mairo Nawaz

Local hero, face of the new Asics Tiger campaign & De School, Bassline and BBQ resident. This young club icon knows how to move a crowd. There’s one thing in his set we can’t wait for: Bigi poku; close your eyes, wine your hips and you’ll feel like being in Surinam. Make sure to wear sunglasses while looking into his glistening gold teeth!


Creating nostalgic feelings with visuals and music? Deconstructed trance and Eurodance? Art? Yes, yes, YES. This guy gets inspiration when stuff’s somewhere where it doesn’t belong. Well Torus, thanks for makin’ us feel like we belong whenever you play and we know you belong at PITCH <3.


You got crowdpleasers and crowd teachers. Luckily Woody fits in the latest. Somewhere in his mix below the music switches from what could be a Scarface soundtrack to an Asian inspired lullaby, with a cryin’ baby in the mix. Never knew the screams of a newborn could be this beautiful. Catch Woody at PITCH, Dutch Culture at its finest.


PITCH Festival runs 1 July at Amsterdam’s NDSM Wharf.