Winding up with The Love Triangle

Questions by Callum McLean
Photo by Wessel Baarda

We talked party strategy with the loveliest DJ trio in town

How do you get pumped up for a night of fun?

Sipping vin naturel. There’s a really funky one from the Bijlmer, with a dope children’s drawing on the label.

Do you ever get pre-party nerves?

When the great Motor City Drum Ensemble played Aphex Twin as a last track just before we had to go on — yes. But then the stage manager gave us an ultra-short transcendental meditation workshop and we were all good to go.

Technotronic’s ‘Pump Up The Jam’ or The Prodigy’s ‘Wind It Up’?

I’d say ‘Pump Up The Jam’ mixed with machine gun shots by Cinnaman.

What’s your party weapon of choice? Liquor? Alka-Seltzer? Dance therapy?

AA Drink. The high energy orange, of course. With vodka, gin… goes with everything, really. It’s the DJ tool between the energy drinks.

Do you have a mirror routine to psych yourself up?

‘Beneluxaflex, biceps, triceps, hoe is het?’

If you had to adopt a movie personality to switch to party mode, who would it be?

The vampire from A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. There’s this scene in the film where she dances to Farah’s ‘Dancing Girls’ – all very seductive, but without the femme fatale cliches.

Have you ever wound up so hard you fell asleep before leaving the house?

Yes, recently. Didn’t have anything to do with drinking, though – just dancing the night before. I was listening to NTS Radio at home and fell asleep on the night I wanted to go out and see Robert Bergman, who is not to be missed, really. Fomo got very real that night.

The Love Triangle play at Down The Rabbit Hole festival on Friday, 24 June.