At Foam This Month

This month at Foam, variety is the operative word with these new breathtaking exhibitions.

In ‘Calais – From Jungle to City’, acclaimed photographer Henk Wildschut acutely documents the changing landscape of the infamous Jungle into a politicised city. By methodically focusing on architecture, the sensationalism of refugee reporting is spliced through, creating an atmosphere that is subtly poetic, and undeniably human. By contrast, Jack Davison turns the documentary mode on its head with ‘Revisiting Pictures’, a curation of found-photographs which have been reworked and reconstructed. Influenced by the collapse between the past and the present, these photographs are taken to oneiric heights by Davison’s playful configuration on the traditional art norms. With a little something for everyone, you’d be a fool to miss out on these latest exhibitions at Foam.

And remember, Foam is always free for Subbacultcha members!

Eritrees Orthodox Church