Photos shot by Irwin Barbé
Story by Syracuse

Parisian independent label Antinote‘s been incessant at putting out great, unpredictable releases since its blessed event of birth in 2012. Syracuse’s Liquid Silver Dream is no exception to the rule; the debut of French duo Isabelle Maitre and Antoine Augut feasts in trippy synth manipulations with a side of soul. Complementary to a story by Syracuse, the psychotropic trip of Liquid Silver Dream was captured by photographer and friend Irwin Barbé. We recommend you pair the images & story below with the sound of Syracuse (play here), and enjoy a beautiful audio-visual odyssey. An all-inclusive sensory experience hits town on 28 May at this year’s Lente Kabinet in Het Twiske.

syracuse 0 intro copy

syracuse 1 copy copy

syracuse 2 copy

Syracuse 3 copy copy

syracuse 4 copy copy

syracuse 5 copy copy

syracuse 6 copy copy

Syracuse take stage at this year’s Lente Kabinet on 28 May in Het Twiske, Oostzaan.