Cosmic Travels With Cleveland

Following the recent release of Atlas on Hivern Discs, Luxembourgian producer Andrea Mancini aka Cleveland has been keeping busy playing sets for dancers of like mind, whether it be in Brazil or Berlin. Time and space lose meaning when cosmic beats assume a dance floor focus – we asked the man behind the spaced out dance music for advice on such inspirations.  He was kind enough to put together a playlist, so sit back and enjoy the trip. Stay tuned for more news  from Cleveland in the near future, and catch his DJ set at De School on 1 April alongside Koreless and Arif.

1. Mr. Master – Dog At Night
Ok, let’s pretend that for this article I’m a discrete superhero trying to save the world with my secret super-powered musical love vibes. This track would be the intro track to this story. I love it.

2. Jean-Luc Ponty – I Only Feel Good With You
This one is perfect for passionate lovers in space.

3. APC Edits Vol. 1 – Track 1 (Peaking Lights Edit)
This! You can travel comfortably through space and time with this looped and you still wouldn’t get bored over the light-years.

4. Mort Garson- Plantasia
This is the music I want to hear when I land on Plantasia, a planet where I often go chill after my shows in the galaxy.

5. Mark Isham – Sympathy and Acknowledgement
This is the ending soundtrack when I rescue the universe by sacrificing my body against evil forces.