At Foam This Month

Turn your heads to Foam this March, as our friends showcase two beautifully contrasting exhibitions.  ‘Life in Colour’, a collection of Jacques Henri Lartigue’s colour photography, taken by the French master from age 8 through to age 88, is on until 3 April 2016. Lartigue’s work was disarmingly intimate and modern before its time (inspiring the work of director Wes Anderson among others).  By contrast, ‘Blanco’, showcased until 3 April also, presents the haunting photography of Awoiska van der Molen. Her monochromatic works have the Rothko-effect of pulling you into the picture. Going from Lartigue’s crisp autochromatic shots of French society, to van der Molen’s mysterious canvases makes for an absorbing show. Check it out.

And don’t forget! Foam is always free for Subbacultcha members.