11 Whispers from the Windy City

Jimmy Whispers voiced out ten heart wrenching tracks in his debut album Summer in Pain. We’ve been wondering what happened to Jimmy, but it all remains a conundrum. We love the whole 23 minutes of extreme lo-fi heart-pour, which is just another testament to Chicago’s contribution of amazing music. Apparently there’s much more to discover, so Jimmy Whispers shared some of his own favorites from the local scene with us. Please enjoy the sounds of Chicago below.

1. Tim Kinsella – Issues

He’s the main guy behind Chicago bands Joan of Arc, Cap’n Jazz, Make Believe, and Owls.  A good friend and an early supporter of my songs.  Tim and I toured the east coast of the U.S. earlier this summer together.

2. Whitney – No Matter Where We Go

These guys are best buddies in Chicago, unbelievable musicians, and my favorite band in town. They have also been doubling as my backing band recently for some of my bigger shows. They understand my music and where it can go more fleshed out.  Max, Julien, and Ziyad were in Smith Westerns. Julien also playing in U.M.O. Ziyad also has a solo project called Touching Voids.

3. J. Fernandez – Read My Mind

I’ve know Justin for a long while through our earlier projects. I love the way he records and his sensibility and attention to detail. He was at my first show. One of my favorite Chicago bands.

 4. The Love of Everything – I Love All You Guys

Bobby Burg was one of my first big supporters in Chicago when I started performing, and became one of my best friends. His solo project The Love Of Everything has taken many forms the past bunch of years but as always recorded very simply and very DIY. He also plays with Tim Kinsella in Joan Of Arc and Make Believe.


 5. Heavy Times – American Love

Bo and Matt are two of my best friends in Chicago. Don’t put them in that Chicago garage rock bracket because they stick out. They have seriously catchy hooks. You go home after a show with a chorus in your head.

 6. Lala Lala – Anyway

Lillie West ran a DIY spot on the south side which I played a few times and we became good friends.  Over a short year she has become  this great songwriter and put together this great band. Be one the look out for them. Good things to come.

7. Twin Peaks – Making Breakfast

Gotta include Peaks boys! They rule and good friends ya! Yada yada.

8. Ryley Walker – Primrose Green

Good buddy that has been busy shredding around the world lately.   Used to party together a lot but been running into each other more again.Probably have spent more time in the Empty Bottle green room with Ryley than anyone else over the years.


 9. Bobby Conn – Never Get Ahead

A true Chicago legend and influence on me. I was completely honored and stoked when he opened my record release in spring and joined me on stage as well. He made a cameo in a music video we just finished jogging down the street in platform shoes.

10. Gel Set – Ether Or

Lulu aka Gel Set is a label mate of mine on Moniker Records. She is definitely one of the most interesting electronic musicians in the Chicago scene.  Her LP “Human Salad just came out.

11. Rollin Hunt – New Years

A big weirdo in the best way. His music is always off kilter and pulling in different directions and that’s what I love. He has also put out records on Moniker.  Rollin moved to LA a few years back but has shown up in Chicago a bit lately.  He’ll always be Chicago to me though and was one of the first performers I saw at DIY venues post college. There in a lot of emotion to his lyrics under the surface. We performed together at University Of Chicago back in April, I was going through a rough time with things and his performance of “I Love You More” made me cry.


Jimmy Whispers will be taking on De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam on 14 August. He’ll be joined by the Purple Noise Record Club team and The Homesick. The show is free for members.