High Five from the Office

Last week we were bustling as we were laying down the final touches to the upcoming magazine. It’d be a lie to say we were able to avoid any physical or mental pressure, but as always, beauty is (sometimes a bit of) pain and always worth it in the end. So here is a list with some tracks, some to cool off and control the stress levels, others to turn those levels up. Hope you enjoy.

1. Liss – Try

Not only did we just have Communions and Iceage play shows, we also stumbled upon these Danish newcomers. Even though it’s the only track they’ve release thus fur, we can already tell Liss is bliss: they so smooth, they so Danish.

2. P.H.F. – Sometimes

As we eagerly anticipate the forthcoming release of P.H.F’s Soft, due out on 20 August through Crystal Magic Records, we initially shacked up with the title track, but have now taken up with ‘Sometimes’. Lavished with synth sounds, the track deciphers sweet, sweet magic.

3. Ray Fuego – Ordeloos (Smibsaland)

Amsterdam-based rapper shared the video below earlier this month. Upon its release, he kindly asked Facebook to tell a friend. So friends, we’re telling you. Tell your friends.

4. Urban Grey – Planned Escapes

Continuing with the Amsterdam line of music, here’s a totally different turn in sonic direction. It’s dusky and gentle, it’s nice, and the Only In Me/Planned Escapes release just became available on purple cassette.

5. Rabit – Tearz

From dusky to dark magic: ;Tearz’ is a cut off DIFF003. It drops on 18 September via Different Circles, a split single release between Rabit and Strict Face – very enticing.