Musicians: Le Guess Who?

The following exhibition is a selection of photographs that was published in Subbacultcha! magazine over the course of the past year. It will be on display at TivoliVredenburg during Le Guess Who? Festival, 20-23 November, 2014.


Commissioned as independent photo shoots and shot mostly overseas, these are the results of unlikely encounters we have orchestrated between photographers and artists about to play a Subbacultcha! show. Of all the shoots we have set up over the course of the year, these images have stuck with us the most. While we do not ask our photographers to conform to a specific aesthetic, there is a certain tenderness to all these images, an understanding gaze that allows for something very personal to be revealed about the artists photographed without sacrificing their persona.

Exhibition: Subbacultcha! Musicians
20 – 23 November
Plein 6, TivoliVredenburg
Vredenburgkade 11, Utrecht