Festival Focus

Le Guess Who?

Every edition of Le Guess Who? hits very close to home – so close that we’re probably already on the train to Utrecht as you’re reading this. With a courageous line-up and no less than four special side programmes, you can expect a fair share of experimental, electronic, noise and post-punk with a singer-songwriter here and there to calm you down. Read the highlights and meet us there.

20-23 November

Mouth to Mouth curated by Swans’ Michael Gira

Swans’ Gira is the kind of guy who thrives on confrontation: in his own music he sets out for sonic rushes, mind-altering drones and pummeling noise. The fact that he’s curating the programme for Mouth to Mouth is kind of a historical occasion, one that requires you to bring earplugs (safety first, right?) and to keep an open mind. Look out for Ben Frost, Xiu Xiu, the special performance of Savages with Bo Ningen, and Swans, naturally.




24-Hour Drone Fest

Starting at midnight on the second day of the festival, sink into 24 hours of dronescapes with performances from avant-garde producer/composer William Basinski, Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))), the ever-darker Tim Hecker, and many more.



But you should also check out Austin Psych Fest and Fuzzland.


Seductively off-kilter, Iceage put on a mean streak and channel le mal du siècle in their latest record, Plowing Into The Field of Love. This is poetic debauchery at its finest: slurred words, jangling guitars and a confessed intent of pissing against the moon.





Released via Constellation, Ought’s debut More Than Any Other Day is a case in point for your most prosaic turmoils. With their infectious sound and stirring lyrics, this post-punk outfit will jerk you around till you come to your senses.




Viet Cong

The aura of Women seems to be following around former band members Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace as they set out in their bold new endeavour Viet Cong. Ever since they released Cassette on tour last year, they’ve been gathering momentum and we can’t wait to see them live.




Dean Blunt

Formerly part of Hype Williams and frequent collaborator of Inga Copeland, Dean Blunt set out on his own with 2013’s paradoxical Redeemer, an album that seems to have thrown everyone off their game as the critical reception is still inconclusive. Forever inscrutable, Blunt is at it again, heating up the wire with rumours over his upcoming solo record Black Metal, confirmed for release on 3 November via Rough Trade. The plot thickens.




Even more: Amen Dunes, The Growlers, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, White Lung, Thug Entrancer

For more information and tickets, check: www.leguesswho.nl