November Music Recommendations


Seductive south-London boy-girl duo Funktionslust are emerging at a time of year that perfectly suits their rainy, mysterious sound. Minimal, subdued synths build up as their cool vocals overlap and ring through the sparse musical landscapa that they’ve created for themselves. You’ll find their newest track, ‘DOTS’, is pretty great for a night-time bike ride through the concrete jungle.



Kelly Lee Owens

Remember that serene female voice that rang through Daniel Avery’s Drone Logic last year singing ‘Noise flies high’? Her name is Kelly Lee Owens and she’s releasing some very exciting material as a prelue to what will surely be a very good debut album. Her new track ‘Lucid’ will engulf you with its shimmering, layered rhythms and a voice that is literally pure gold. Our new girl crush. Sigh.


Slow Worries
Amsterdam quartet Slow Worries makes the kind of music that nestles in a comfy spot somewhere in your brain, with no intention of ever getting out again. And yet it feels like they’ve always been there. If you concentrate really hard, you can almost see them seductively glancing back at the Nineties. Total coincidence that we recommend them to you in our déjà vu issue, but fitting nonetheless.