Festival Focus

Rewire Festival

For its fourth edition, Rewire has put together a showcase of experimental musicians that make a point of challenging your habitual listening experiences, restarting your brain and changing your musical sensibilities


07+08 November – The Hague


Rewire event – Andy Stott + Millie & Andrea + Still Serious Nic

Prior to the event in The Hague, get soaked in some intelligent techno by Manchester-based producer Andy Stott, who will also be joined by his collaborator Miles Whittaker for a Millie & Andrea session that is likely to leave you staring down at your plate.

10 October – Canvas, Amsterdam



Lee Gamble

Oftentimes sat beside Actress, Lee Gamble has been producing abstract club music to listen to at home, inducing out-of-body experiences. Stripped of drumbeats and drops, it feels as if his latest release, EP Kuang and LP Koch, consist of molecules of sound that aggregate at random and disintegrate at will, twisting your sense of duration. Dive into the wormhole.



Colin Stetson

Everyone’s favourite saxophonist, Colin Stetson never fails to impress. Be it his technical virtuosity, his eye-opening compositions or his awe-inspiring live performances, this is the stuff of stories worth sharing with your future grandkids.



Jozef van Wissem

Friend and collaborator of Jim Jarmusch, Jozef van Wissem deserves your full attention. Composing music for the lute, he draws inspiration from baroque and no wave, speaking to the brooding, jaded soul over the ages and appeasing with no condescension all those who think they are first to feel that way.



Wanda Group

WAVING NOT SHOUTING AT LOU AND HIS LOVE OF UPPER-CASE TYPEFACE. Wanda Group’s Louis Johnstone has set out on a exploration that has him mixing musique concrète and found sounds off of cassettes to the rhythm of homemade electronica. While his experiments in sound come off as self-effacing abstractions, they are borne out of a very personal set of circumstances.




Aussie duo Alex Murray and Mark Smith operate within the trusty techno logic of mechanical sound. Their vibrant back-and-forth takes apart crackling noises, disabling the random occurrence factor, and arranging them in repetitive, improvised structures that overflow with downtempo beats.



For more information and tickets, visit www.rewirefestival.nl