Festival Focus

The Rest Is Noise Festival

Following the pioneering maxim that has guided their adventurous initiatives, this weekend The Rest Is Noise series evolves into a forward-looking festival. Having brought the likes of Copeland, oOoOO and Julia Holter to Amsterdam’s shores, the Muziekgebouw/Bimhuis production is guaranteed to tread new territories.


19 September – Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ


These New Puritans Expanded ft. stargaze & André de Ridder

The New Puritans Expanded epitomises the frontline of classical and digital crossover compositions sought by The Rest Is Noise. Raving critical acclaim, Jack Barnet’s The New Puritans Expanded return to showcase this year’s final show featuring Berlin’s orchestral group stargaze and conducted by André de Ridder.



Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon is all about blurring the boundaries between man and machine. The Tennessee native and lifelong choir singer manipulates her crystalline voice with the precision of an ice sculptor, breaking it into chunks or crushing it into bits before carefully arranging it amidst chilly electronic soundscapes. Launching electronic composition into uncharted realms, Holly Herndon debuts her new audio-visual show.





It seems as though the stars have aligned for this edition of The Rest is Noise as Austrian guitarist/producer Fennesz is (also) finally playing Muziekgebouw! On his recent LP Bécs, he returns to his noisy form, though still faithful to the meticulously precise sound-alchemy. Gentle strums spar with fluttering synth chimes and washes of static that always threaten, but never succeed in consuming the mix.




Interrogating the boundaries between technology and architecture, Bristol-based production duo Emptyset chronicle ventures of dark, minimalist techno. Currently developing a sound installation for the Architecture Foundation in London, Paul Purgas and James Ginzburg enter a digital vortex through explorations, both spatial and sonic, into the legacy of analogue media.



Kassem Mosse

Claiming to live “in a night-time world somewhere on the edge of time,” it’s no surprise that Kassem Mosse’s first full-length Workshop 19 feels like a transcendent club experience. Tapping into the experimental tradition of darker ambient techno which he’s helped establish, Leipzig producer Gunnar Wendel drapes raw beats with floating melodies and a honed groove.