Festival Focus

Incubate Festival

Once a year, lil’ old Tilburg becomes the unlikely epicenter of the musical/artistic vanguard as the city plays host to the now renowned Incubate festival. Dedicated to bringing in some of the most innovative, cutting-edge and intriguing acts from pretty much every scene imaginable, it’s held in high regard interationally, and for good reason. Just for y’all, we’ve outlined some of our favourite artists on the bill below.


15-21 September – various venues, Tilburg

Often described as one of the world’s best live acts, this Swedish experimental-fusion band’s voodoo-inspired set simply has to be seen to be believed.


The cheery, sun-drenched ’60s folk of Brooklyn trio Woods is shot through with sturdy melodies and a lo-fi, homespun charm.


Marissa Nadler
No one does dreamy gothic folk quite like Nadler; her wispy, powerful voice clings to your thoughts and drags you into her heavy tales of broken romance.


Chad VanGaalen
There’s a ramshackle charm to VanHallen’s loose, experimental indie that’s the direct result of ten years and five albums spent exploring the limits of wwhat a singer-songwriter can achieve.


Carter Tutti Void
Two legends of experimental music alongside one of its rising stars, melting together the past and the present in a maelstrom of noise and effects. Unmissable.


Angel Olsen
There’s a wonderful retro sheen to Olsen’s music, her fiery, piercing vocals the perfet complement to neatly strummed, reverb-heavy guitars.


Switching from woozy synths and ’80s influences to six strings and amps, Charlie Hilton and co. still crete dreamy yet bold pop songs that feel both timeless and modern.


Moon Duo
Drone-heavy, pounding loops interspersed with psychedelic, effects-laden guitars lock your brain into a krautpop groove that’s all-consuming.


Basic House
Bending rhythm and texter in new and innovative ways, this is the dark side of the cutting-edge, avant-garde electronica.


Killer guitar lines smeared with fuzz provide the backbone of this Canadian duo’s energetic, greasy garage rock.


The sound of the machine apocalypse; industrial decay and post-techno grinding mixed with raw, thrilling, jackhammer grooves.


Dark, swirling indie with elements of shoegaze and post-punk, this is the 1950s soundtracked by goths.


For more information, go to www.incubate.org