The Future Issue


As a result of their residency, visual artist Piet Langeveld and interdisciplinary fashion designer Gerda Postma presented The Future Issue – Exhibition, on view between June – July, 2014.

Gerda and Piet pursued the idea that humans are determined in their past and future evolution by the materials and objects they use. In respect of recent technological advances such as digitization and computerization, many of our tools are no longer tangible. Based on this observation, the installation features a series of virtual and physical objects, created to investigate movement and the intersections between the physical and the virtual realms.

The resulting work shows a combination of handmade and digitally crafted products. The first part of the installation consists of a series of copied stones mounted on a levitation display that lets them float in the air. The second part is a series of sticks inspired by the ideas of organ projection and shamanism, and by the modern building supplies store Praxis.

The third part features a series of ten dresses with a digital print on their front. Each of the prints shows the same objects and motifs, but in a slightly altered position or state. An animation, which is part of the installation, shows a model wearing one dress after another in stop motion. Hanging on a rail in the exhibition, the ten pieces look like mere copies of one and the same dress. In the animation, however, the slight alterations of the prints give the illusion that the objects printed on the dress are in continuous motion. As material objects, the dresses appear as static, identical mass products. In the digital animation, they reveal their dynamic nature. The product, in this case a dress, extends into the digital realm.

piet gerda future issue

Andres Novo
Chris Meighan
Michal Avraham
Michiel Klein
Vincent Hesseling

Abel Minnee

This project was made possible by the AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst).