Big Love




After being confronted by the 311 Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011, one girl quit her job search in the last year of university and instead decided to start making music. Three months later, Kinuko Hiramatsu sent her fresh Sapphire Slows demos to two labels – the first, Tokyo’s Big Love, and the second, Los Angeles imprint Not Not Fun. Both labels quickly snapped her up and offered her a home in each country. Sapphire Slows’ debut full-length album, Allegoria, is an amalgam of sound, absorbing the varied influences of alternative, dance, acid and darkness, which float around a firm foundation of pop. It’s not just her records that have got us gushing: she’s an avid record collector herself and drops by every week to sample the latest arrivals. She doesn’t just spin the oldies, but has a keen eye for new records too. It’s a lot easier to talk about the classics, but this neo-Tokyo girl is only obsessed with the future. Well, almost: she’s more obsessed with records (and sometimes tapes) too.