Octo Octa


As part of the extremely healthy 100% Silk crew, Octo Octa aka Mike Morrison guaranteed us that he’s feeling more awake during the day now that he’s discovered gluten-free lunches. Here is what all that extra energy leads to: sexy salads, anti-wheat ballads and enzyme battles!


Interview by Will Martin, photos shot by Bobby Doherty in Brooklyn, USA


‘I’ll dive into overindulgence if it’s something like tacos. Tacos bring out the glutton in me I guess’



As a computer musician, it’s easy to get carried away and lock yourself up in the studio, not eating much, slowing down your metabolism and generally living a fairly unhealthy lifestyle. Do you have any particular dietary or health regimes that help offset this?

An older man (who dresses kind of like a cowboy) who frequents my work suggested his diet to me, which is pretty much just yogurt, fruit, and various nuts. So I’ve been doing that for lunch for a while, which is great, but dinner-wise it’s still pretty much a shitshow of tan and brown foods. I’ve also been trying to go to the gym regularly with my wife to offset my beer gut. Seems to be working!


What about on tour? Is overindulgence a concern?

I barely eat on tour. I pretty much only get to have dinner, which means I’ll eat anything as long as it has calories. Any other food consumed is normally just  bread, since it’s cheap and filling. As for overindulgence, I guess I don’t really think about it. I’ll dive into overindulgence if it’s something like tacos. Tacos bring out the glutton in me I guess.


House music as a genre doesn’t necessarily seem overly concerned with health issues. Have you ever felt compelled to change this?

I don’t think anyone is looking to dance to music that will scold their hedonism! I think house should try to continue as a genre that helps you get away from things. I don’t think I’ll be releasing anything in the future that will be asking ‘did you drink enough water today?’.


…and after the party? Are you at all ritualistic in your methods for curing hangovers?

I need to find some methods. Curling into a ball and sweating profusely while your skin crawls on a plane isn’t fun. Hydration was drilled into me growing up, so it seems like the best thing to do in most situations. That and drinking all coffee available.


What about alternative detox methods? Fasting, coffee enemas etc.?

I haven’t done any yet, but I’m sure that the day will come when I’ll look for any relief I can. Maybe I’ll start using those weird pads you put on the bottom of your foot that draws out toxins as you sleep.


‘Someone smells better if they’re not eating meat all the time, but I don’t think seeing someone wreck a salad is going to get me going. Then again, maybe if it was a sexy salad’



Has gluten ever caused you any trouble?

Other than getting drunker than I intended from beer? I don’t think so. However, since having no gluten at lunch, I have been more awake during the day. Though that may have more to do with not eating garbage every day and less about my gluten-free meals.


What about veganism? Do you have any connection with it?

My wife has been a vegetarian since she was nine and has eaten vegan for some periods. So I’ve kind of done it also by just being with her. I applaud those who are into it, but I like cheese a little too much to go for it. The siren call of dairy is tough to disregard.


Do you think vegetarianism is sexy?

Someone smells better if they’re not eating meat all the time, but I don’t think seeing someone wreck a salad is gonna get me going. Then again, maybe if it was a sexy salad.


What about the sex appeal of whole grain pasta?

A curvy noodle!? Are you kidding me? Who wouldn’t get excited?


So basically what you’re saying is that a gluten-free diet isn’t sexy. Stay away from quinoa if you want to get laid?

I am sure here in Brooklyn one could find a great gluten-free fetish community to get into. I hear the freaks dig quinoa. And it’s all about the freaks.


Do you think people adapt their diets in relation to who they are sleeping with?

Having the same diet will definitely get you laid more, but maybe you gotta do the opposite once you break up. Just purge that person’s ideas from your body. Maybe double down on the bread or dairy. Get a baguette going in each hand.


If Morrissey is the musical ambassador for veganism, who do the gluten-free kids have?

Amanda Brown? She’s a raw foodist. That’s gluten-free, right? I want to hear the person who writes anti-wheat ballads.


What about Octo Octa? The Late Nite Amaranth Sex Jams EP has a certain ring to it. You could sample some Zooey Deschanel, apparently she has celiac disease.

Nice! I gotta stay with the times. I need that gimmick. Now I gotta figure out the stage show for it. Enzyme battles?




Octo Octa joins Brooklyn-based hypnotic psych pop sisters TEEN on 4 April at Melkweg, Amsterdam. The show is free for Subbacultcha! members.