Perera Elsewhere + Bowrain

26 June - Goethe-Institut, Amsterdam
21.00 - €8 - Free for members

Looking for some sounds to accompany your monthly shamanic ritual? Look no further! Perera Elsewhere is the go-to girl in this case. And elsewhere is precisely the right term for this music, as it both exists in a world that’s familiar but also not quite ‘right here, right now’, at least not in terms of expectations from someone who lives in Berlin and has collaborated with Modeselektor in the past. Perera’s music is capable of transporting your thoughts to a different place: close your eyes for a minute and we promise you’ll be gone in an instant. Perera Elsewhere will be joined by Slovenian producer, composer and pianist Tine Grgurevič aka BOWRAIN. BOWRAIN experiments with different elements of various genres in creating electronic music.

Perera Elsewhere