Hi, we are Subbacultcha.

We are an independent, Amsterdam-based platform, aiming to unearth and amplify the best emerging artists and give them the audience they deserve.

Recently, we launched Subbacultcha Collectibles: a weekly dose of art, made by our creative community, delivered to our members’ doorsteps. Posters, photo prints, publications and the list goes on.

Why now?
Without friction, there’s no shine. As contradictory as it may sound, now is the time for progress. Now is the time to create new space for experiment and conversation. New ways of creation, new ways of presenting and new ways of exploration.

We need your help.
We want to launch the next level of Subbacultcha Collectibles, and for this we need your help. We will work together with creatives around us to offer you a weekly dosis of art. Every week an artist will create, in response the artists that preceded. The possibilities? Endless.

20 artists and musicians will produce 20 unique pieces of art and music over a period of 5 months.

Become a Subbacultcha Collector and get it all in weekly doses, delivered to your mailbox or doorstep.

For a total of €50 or more you’ll get:
√ unique visual prints delivered to you house
√ unique pieces of music delivered to your inbox
√ invites to unique small scale events
√ our unlimited love

By being a Collector you’ll support these 20 artists and musicians. 100% of your contribution goes directly to the makers and their work. Join. Collect. Support.

Sign up and make it happen:


2.005 /  5.000