THANK YOU by Boris de Klerk & Olivier Herter

13 February - s105 (De School), Amsterdam
20.00 - €9 - Free for members

THANK YOU is a presentation by Bors de Klerk & Olivier Herter on their research on ‘measurable time’ versus ’emotionally-experienced time’. In other words: clock time versus momentum. The research will be conducted in isolation, residing in our beloved s105 from 13 January until 13 February. Boris and Olivier will create the performance by use of a time-bound medium, within a time-bound process. They’ll pre-determine and schedule their entire work process hour by hour. A rigidity that’s slowly becoming the norm in arts. The duo wants to find out what forms of freedom and what kind of momentum can arise within a process as rigid as this.

Boris and Olivier’s performance will also be accompanied by that of Finn Borath, an exploration of borderlessness, serenity and the sky as well as work by Ika Schwander, titled “little dog on the motorway, I want to hug you”.