Subbacultcha x X3 presents: Linn da Quebrada

11 October - OT301, Amsterdam
20.00 - €10 - Free for members

Together with X3 we invite Linn da Quebrada. Hailing from the favelas of São Paulo, Linn makes music that’s both visceral and celebratory, fighting to make the queer community of Brazil more visible. Linn’s sociopolitical message is being dispersed in a club-ready package, mixing styles of baile funk, hip hop and electronic music. Linn lately released the audiovisual album ‘Pajubá‘ – which she labeled as Beyonce’s Lemonade for Brazil’s queer femmes -, starred in the documentary Tranny Fag and toured throughout Europe. It’s not everyday that we encounter an activist/rapper/singer/actor who makes music that is intellectual, joyous and boundary-pushing.

Linn da Quebrada