Strange Days – Know V.A. release party

12 April - Garage Noord, Amsterdam
23.00 - €7 (doorsale) - Free for members

Strange Days, brought to you by the Amsterdam based producer duo Know V.A. , is a reoccurring interdisciplinary club night that has already made a significant impact on the Amsterdam’s underground nightlife experience with its two previous editions. It seeks to bring out contemporary hardcore and highlight its consistent vibrancy in the underground music scene. This time around they invited friends and acquittances to celebrate their new release, forthcoming on Signal Life records. Flying in from Paris is  Casual Gabberz collective, from Shanghai – Kurama from Genome 6.66 Mbp, with local talent Nocturnal Femme from X3’s and Snufkin joining in. Installation by visual artist Daan Couzijn.

Know V.A.

Casual Gabberz


Nocturnal Femme