Shortparis + Partners + Spill Gold + Yegor Zabelov

3 May - OT301, Amsterdam
20.00 - €12 - Free for members

Decadent punk designed for the dancefloor. Originating from Siberia but based in St. Petersburg, Shortparis are at the crux of the avant-garde, underground Russian music scene. Theatrical performances, erratic dance moves and exalted lyrics characterise their enigmatic shows which border on performance art. Drawing inspiration from rave, darktronica, and Depeche Mode, Shortparis are not to be missed. The performative, avant-garde duo Partners joins in. With their debut LP Faust being released last December, we can only expect more inspirational and multi-sensory music. Spill Gold will serve their psychedelic, snake-charming synth sounds while Yegor Zabelov mix of accordion, avant-garde, jazz and neo-classical music will complete the nights unruly repertoire.



Spill Gold

Yegor Zabelov