Postanatolische Hybride – Die Steppenroboter

31 August - Garage Noord, Amsterdam
22.00 - €8

‘Steppenroboter’ is the protagonist of the German/Anatolian producer duo Mekine U Teksi alias Mîro and Îrfo, who’s accents are tinted by their experiences in Salon des Amateurs and involvements in rural and folkloric spheres. Their storytelling is affective and emotive and their debut 12″ on Düsseldorf’s very own Themes For Great Cities‘ was taking us to higher levels. As if this wouldn’t be enough for a night in the wild, we’ve just added‘s main man Joscha Creutzfeldt and Amsterdam’s pyruvic acid & Marathon Man for a night of different directions, fast changes and slow burners.

Mekine U Teksi – Steppenroboter (live)

Joscha Creutzfeldt

Pyruvic Acid

Marathon Man