MMF x Subbacultcha: Lyckle & Friends

7 April - Muziekgebouw aan t’ IJ, Amsterdam
16.00 - Free for All - Free for members

We present you with a Minimal Music Festival Sunday special, wholeheartedly curated by Lyckle de Jong. Affiliated with the musical output of Waterlelyck, Barry Slee, de witte kunst, Lamellen and Yuko Yuko (the list goes on), Lyckle has been on a creative duty for as long as we can remember. This time around, the unrivalled keyboard pop polymath invites his musical allies for a soothing, lazy one dayer. Free for all!

Lyckle’s friends: Kim David Bots, Koen van Bommel, Elias Elgersma, Gijsje Heemskerk, Rimer Veeman, Adriaan BonJaap van der Velde, Annelies van Veen, Reza Mansur

Kim David Bots

Koen van Bommel

Elias Elgersma

Gijsje Heemskerk