London O’Connor + Sun Shy Boy

24 March - s105 (De School), Amsterdam
20.00 - €8 - Free for members

The best thing you can be in life is yourself, London O’Connor embodies this to the fullest: a piano-playin’ skater who raps, sings, produces and directs. Seein’ sounds in shapes (his debut album titled O∆) and feelin’ emotions in colors, he pledged he’ll wear the same orange sweater until he makes more money than his parents. Looking at his latest appearances and video Nobody Hangs Out Anymore, he hasn’t yet. But who knows? He might be dressed in green ($) when he visits us at our beloved s105, 24 March. We can’t wait to be welcomed into London O’Connor’s O∆ world, with the support from our local Sun Shy Boy.

London O’Connor

Sun Shy Boy