HIS DARK Elements invites PAG TLV

7 September - Bovenkamer (Radion), Amsterdam
23.00 - €16.5 - Free for members

HIS DARK Elements welcomes the deviant for a party-within-a-party to showcase PAG TLV, one of the oldest queer organizations from Tel Aviv. HDE is an inclusive collective aiming to provide a brave space where all sexualities, genders, and races can dance, connect, and most importantly, learn from each other in a safe manner through various forms of artistic expression. Expect experimentation with gender expressions, installations, and gritty basslines. Flowing between mutant leftfield techno, electro, acid, and obscure house.

The Main room & Basement will be host to Kraft Und Licht w/ CJ Bolland and others. 

Pablo Diskko


Tal Maman


ILLEGAL / De Directeur

Sector Y