21 October - Melkweg, Amsterdam
19.00 - €17,50 (ex. service costs) - Free for members

Together with de Brakke Grond, Belgium Booms and Melkweg we present Grid/t: a patchwork of fuzzy guitar riffage, pummeling kick drums and blissful synth lines.

The grid/t is made up of “live drums with glitched-out guitar fuzz and politically charged bars” by Youniss, a live performance by “sonic chaos curator” Noise Diva, the synthy sonic palette of leop4rdi and a DJ set of Ranye which moves from “percussive Mandelão tracks of Brazil to rhythmic Latin American Dembow, and then to dark Deconstructed beats and soothing Ambient sounds.”

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As an exploration of identity and self expression, Youniss moves his way through the awkward, intrusive feelings that accompany performing as a black man with an Arabic name through the gaze of the western world. On ‘White Space’, the Antwerp-based musician and visual artist shares the unsettling story of a personal panic attack instilled by these feelings. In the performative translation of this album, Youniss and drummer Tim Caramin take you along Youniss’ discomfort through music, visual installation and costume design.

Noise Diva

Noise Diva is an Amsterdam-based producer and DJ, Garage Noord resident, and co-founder at KLAB and SALWA foundation. Her musical stylings bridge together a variety of genres, from Moroccan trap to Egyptian R&B, French drill, dancehall, and UK garage, weaving together stories that transcend the dancefloor, while ensuring that dancers stay hot on their toes. The ecstatic flow that she creates in her sets is always unexpected, and yet guaranteed to create intimate connections around the DJ booth.


Leop4rdi expands over a synthy sonic palette, masterfully blending soft guitar melodies reminiscent of dream pop and post-rock with rich EDM and trance leads. And while high-pitched vocal lines, thick bass-lines and beat-like drums, still all play an important role in leop4rdi’s production, the Belgian producer doesn’t shy off from playfully experimenting with more club-oriented sounds and arrangement. 


Ranye is a DJ with a radical mindset, always leading the charge in her craft. Her sets take audiences on an eclectic journey, moving effortlessly from percussive Mandelão tracks of Brazil to rhythmic Latin American Dembow, and then to dark Deconstructed beats and soothing Ambient sounds. Ranye’s ability to connect with her audience and introduce them to new sounds sets her apart, creating an inclusive space where music becomes a unifying force, transcending boundaries and inspiring all who experience her magnetic performances.