FRIGHT by Céline Gillain

23 November - ISO, Amsterdam
18:00 - 10€ - Free for members

Returning to Amsterdam following her mind-bending show with Erika de Casier in October, Céline Gillain‘s showcases her skills as a performance artist. Fright fuses dark comedy, storytelling, feminist sci-fi and a live concert to explore ambivalent emotions towards success. Why do we get stage fright? What does it mean to self sabotage? Can we make a safe space, somewhere in the rift between the audience and the performer?

Attendees of this performance get a stamp that grants them free access to X3 LASER CLUB, later that night at ISO, Amsterdam. On the bill: SOPHIE, Kamixlo, Miuccia, Torus, DJ Gigola & Nocturnal Femme B2B Lyzza. 

Céline Gillain