Fluisterconcerten in Tempel

6 October - Tempel, Amsterdam
20:30 - €12.50

On October 6th, Tempel will be having their 4th edition of their Fluisterconcerten (whisper concerts) with Lucy Kruger, David Kweksilber & Herman van den Muijsenberg.

For every Fluisterconcerten edition, Tempel invites three artists, from three different genres to make music together on their beautiful stage. They will have a (whispering) dialogue with each other and with the acoustics of the space.  Each act is on a separate stage, from their own island as they react to each other and, sometimes, play together. It will be a unique concert where the artists will play the ‘whisper’ version of their material. It is difficult to master the technique of playing soft and quiet. So this concept is a challenge for musicians, but at the same time very exciting to watch and listen to. With these concerts Tempel would like to introduce the unique acoustics of their venue to the musicians and to our audience. This Tempel have been kind enough to offer a limited number of Subbacultcha members free entrance for this event.

Tickets for this edition of Fluisterconcerten are €12.50, and can be purchased here.
Limited tickets for are free for Subbacultcha members. Please make a reservation by sending an email to with ‘Fluisterconcerten’ in the subject line + your name in the email. 

Lucy Kruger

Herman van den Muijsenberg

David Kweksilber