10 June - Cinetol, Amsterdam
20:00 - €15,10 - Free for members

The sound of EXEK is hard to pin down due to a wide variety of influences (punk, trip-hop, R&B, dub, kraut, avant-garde), but the general consensus aligns with something along the lines of The Fall, Happy Mondays, ESG, and PIL. The band has previously supported acts like Liars and Anika, and their music has been featured on various playlists curated by luminaries such as Mark Stewart and Andrew Weatherall.

The Australian post-punk band is returning to Europe and the United Kingdom with their new album The Map and the Territory, released in October 2023. The other reason for the tour is their ten-year milestone, EXEK has notched up an impressive discography of six albums.

The people at Cinetol have been kind enough to offer a limited amount of free tickets for Subbacultcha members. Please make a reservation by sending an email to with ‘EXEK’ in the subject line + your name in the email. Not a members? Sign up here. Or purchase a regular ticket here.